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(( Why TOPACTS ))

TOPACTS is a commercial station located in Libya on the Mediterranean Sea Shore. It was found very flourishing in the past. In Middle Ages,

TOPACTS had a wide Commercial relationship with Venice, Genoa in Italy by bartering and sea connections through its well known harbor, such as the petty states and Italian - Greek Cities, where export of Wool, Oil, Carpets, Salt, Live-stock , Cereals was performed. On the other hand, Wood, Steel , Dry Goods, Glass and other materials were imported.

TOPACTS was distinguished by it`s strategic and important point as a passage for the trading caravans coming from Middle Africa and The Great Desert to Tripoli. With addition to that, it was a rest house centre for the Pilgrims, Merchants, Travelers, Migratory and Explorers who come from East and West. It was reported in many books written by the Migratory. Now, the ancient

TOPACTS, was refurbished and renamed Misurata.  In fact, the new city ( Misurata ) becomes one of the major sea ports in Libya due to it`s location on the sea coast. The sea water surrounded this city from the North, East and West. It looks like a peninsula. There is Qasr Ahmed armlet which appeared as a sea outset for boats and ships.

New Commercial and Industrial Port has been built there. It is one of the great ports in Libya. It has long Jetties with high storage capacity. Also there are another port, closed to the main one. This port has been constructed specially as industrial port for Libyan Steel Complex.

Misurata has been selected to be a Free Zone. It is decided to be the large Free Market in Africa.

TOPACTS SHIPPING AGENCY, located in Misurata City at Sirte Gulf Northern corner, about 211 Km East of Tripoli, 90 Km. East of Liptus Monumental city.

With due to the above mentioned introduction about the foundation of TOPACTS and it`s trading relations with the neighboring countries , the idea of choosing this name TOPACTS for our Maritime Agency was born in order to be a connecting bridge between Libyan Ports and other International Ports.

TOPACTS SHIPPING AGENCY was established under the decision issued by the General Corporation of Transport & Communication and given the Chamber of Maritime membership No. (129). The main Office in Misurata.

The staff personnel who performed the activities are well qualified, Keen having expertness for many years in the field of Navy and Marine Services.

TOPACTS SHIPPING AGENCY, has the capability to perform all required procedures, handling, delivering and other services for Oil & trading ships all round the Libyan ports.

For More Information Contact:

Topacts Shipping Agency
P.o.Box 119 Misurata - Libya
Tel  : +218 51 623934
FAX: +218 51 619703

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